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Well hey there! Happy to see you here!

My name is Rebecca and I run The Copper Brick Road. I have been here at The Copper Brick Road blogging since 2008. I started blogging about the deals I was able to find and ended up adding product reviews and giveaways into the mix. When I started, I really never knew how blogging would become such a large part of my life. I had to take some time off for my family, but now I’m back!  In addition to blogging, I also work in management.

Yes, life does get a bit hectic with all of that, being married, having two kids (a ten year old boy and a five year old girl), two dogs and one cat (who might as well be kids). However, I find that’s what keeps life interesting.

I love being able to share my awesome experiences with my online presence as well as my physical presence. My work along with my kids activities (baseball, football, and playgroups) allow me to have a large reach. It’s funny now because instead of hearing “hello” I get “what are you working on today?”

I’m very good at rambling as you can see, and have a category devoted to it.

I love hearing from my readers so please feel free to comment or email me.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it for you!

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