Are You Paying Enough Attention To Your Dryer?

dryer lint

Do you see that? Yup, that’s burnt lint from the inside of my dryer. Scary, huh?  Are you paying enough attention to your dryer?

burnt dryer lint

After having my front loading dryer for about three years, I just started having trouble with the clothes getting dried in a timely manner.  Working in real estate, I know the threat of lint fires, but I never really thought about it because like I said, I hadn’t been having trouble.  After I started having trouble, Hubby and I took the hose off the dryer and cleaned it out.  Hubby then took the back off the dryer and I pulled out a whole grocery bag full of lint from the inside of the dryer.  Mind you, I always clean the trap before I run it.  I was completely floored! Nevermind the ICK! factor, when I saw the burnt lint, my stomach dropped.  We were sooooo close to having a fire.

dryer lint

Plllllleeeeaaaassssseeee make sure you check your dryer vent and inside your dryer often! Fires from dryer lint happens more than you may think!

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