Printable Coupons: Awesome High Dollar Values to Use at Home Depot!

Here’s a great and fun opportunity to get some printable coupons to use at Home Depot!  The Home Depot Garden Club has put a game on Facebook called Zombie Mulch.  You run over zombies and throw them into the mulcher to get 3 coupons in your email:

  1. $5 off a $5.01 lawn and garden purchase 
  2. $10 off a $10.01 lawn and garden purchase
  3. $15 off a $15.01 lawn and garden purchase

You can use these in one trip, just separate the transactions.

This is also a great game to hand over to the kids for them to earn your coupons!

Just make sure before you start playing, to look towards the bottom of the screen.  There will be a button that says “want more mulch?”  Click on it and enter your email address and sign up for the Home Depot Garden Club.  This will make every Zombie worth 6 pts vs the regular 3.  This way you can earn your goals faster!

After you’re notified you’ve hit the goals, go back to the Zombie Mulch homepage and click “stats”.  There, you will click for them to email your coupons!

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