Designing Our Ryan Homes Rome Part 2

During the design process, you do some of it with your site agent and then they have you schedule meetings with two vendors to pick out your flooring, your master bathroom tile picks and any electronic features you’d like to have built in such as security systems and surround sound.

With Rhonda, our site agent, we picked out our elevation, exterior colors, countertops and cabinets.

To clarify, the elevation is the style of home.  Essentially that’s the architectural style outside.  So for us, we picked the Rome floor plan with Elevation N on a crawl space.  Here in South Carolina, their standard foundation is slab.  Our old home was slab, and ugh….I’d never have one again.

So this is what the Elevation N looks like:


The metal overhang is nice, but at the up charge, we were just fine with shingles like the roof.

Here are the colors we picked:


We are big fans of the craftsman style so we went with that rustic looking brick.

You need to keep this in mind when choosing your colors:  you don’t just get to pick and choose your combinations.  They have the colors grouped together in the combinations already.  You pick from that.  If you don’t like one color or the brick/stone type in that combination, too bad.  You’ll have to find another combination you like.  I did kind of show my butt over that, but luckily we were able to find a combination that worked.

Moving on, we had a meeting with Rite Rug at their office to make our choices with them and to confirm the choices we already made with Rhonda.  This is what we picked:


The upper left shelf features our selections for the master bathroom.  The upper right shelf features the selections for the kids’/guest bathroom and the bottom shelf features the selections for the kitchen.  You’ll notice that’s vinyl flooring for the kids’ bathroom.  We put that in the laundry too because I couldn’t make my mind up about tile.  It’ll serve its purpose for the time being.  Not to mention when we do change it out it’ll be easy and much cheaper doing it ourselves.  That’s just another savings to keep in mind.

shaw r2x carpet

We did upgrade our carpet where we have it.  We did a pad upgrade to one that was thicker and we upgraded the carpet to the Shaw R2X stain resistant carpet.  With kids and pets, I felt like this was money well spent.  Look at that picture!  They demonstrated it live in front of us as well, and liquid just sits on top like that.

For our electronic meeting, we met back at the model home with Guardian.  They had a lot of neat things to show us.  The basis of their visit was to place our cable/CAT 5 hook ups and to also show us the features and add ons of their security system and surround sound systems.  We ended up only adding in the surround sound speakers in the ceiling in the living room with a subwoofer.  It wasn’t an astronomical cost and for that, we wouldn’t have been able to do it cheaper.  We will have to buy the receiver, but we found it would be cheaper to buy it ourselves.  We also added some of the features of the security system.  The biggest was the smoke/co2 detectors that call into their hub.  I’ve never had gas in a home I’ve lived in and it totally panics me.  So it gives me piece of mind about that possibility of c02  when we sleep.

Now that we have all of our selections made we will now wait for our pre-construction meeting with the project manager.  That will be in the next update.

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