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Dying To Go Out To Eat? BOGO Entree!

Well, if you like and have a TGI Friday’s local, then you’re in luck. I came across a coupon today for a buy one get one free entree. Of course the free one would be either equal or lesser value. This coupon is good until 3/01/09 and sadly it is not valid Valentines Day. If you drink water, this would be an even better super awesome deal!. Click here to get the coupon!

7 Responses to “Dying To Go Out To Eat? BOGO Entree!”

  1. Veronica Lee says:
    Happy Valentine’s Day, Rebecca!!
  2. onemorebaby says:
    Man! I wish we lived in an area that has a … um… what do you call it? Restaurant! Thanks for doing such a great service to all of us who like to save our money! Hugs! ag
  3. Jingle says:
    We used this the other night and they knew what it was as soon as they saw me walk in with a piece of paper in my hand! I think a lot of people are taking advantage of it and it is great that they are offering this!!!
    Thanks for following my blog! I appreciate you!
  4. tollesons4him says:
    Hope you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day!
  5. Tess says:
    Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!
  6. Janelle says:
    I wish I was allowed to go out to dinner in order to take advantage of this, but required bedrest doesn’t allow me such fun! 🙁
  7. That Girl says:
    Thanks! Not only do we go there sometimes, but our children go on dates as well. Looks like a deal to me!

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