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Homemade Girl Scout Cookies

I was doing my daily read of all the blogs I follow (yes I do read them) and I came across the Be Different…Act Normal blog. She had posted another blog that had all of these recipes posted for homemade Girl Scout cookies. I just had to share them with you just in case you don’t follow them.

Do you even know how wrong this is? I mean, aside from being totally frugal….Girl Scout cookies are the best and if you read my previous posts, I am trying to lose weight! Arg! This really has become a common theme though. As I’m restructuring my eating, I’m finding that I’m looking at more food blogs. Ha! Smart huh? In my defense however, the food blog surfing started when I was trying to find low calorie recipes.

While I deal with my issues, go check out the cookies here. *Thinking out loud* Hmm…maybe it’d be ok if I used Splenda and other low calorie ingredients.

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4 Responses to “Homemade Girl Scout Cookies”

  1. Stesha says:
    This is so wrong…lol!
  2. Abigail says:
    Oh, man! But I’m totally going to check into thin mint cookies
  3. says:
    oh but I must try – I must

    Will you please find me the blog with South Beach Diet Girl Scout Cookie recipes – please?



  4. Tami says:
    Ooh boy, just what I need. I won’t even wait to preheat the oven. The dough will be gone. I’ll wonder into the front room bloated with sugar, and be completely happy.BLISSFULLY happy. Nothing like Girl Scout Cookies! YUM

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