How I’m Saving Money On Gas With Shell Fuel Rewards

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Even though gas prices have come down in the past few months, I still thought it would be important to share how I’m saving money on gas with Shell Fuel Rewards.  There’s always room to save more, right?

Shell Fuel Rewards is simply a loyalty program that rewards you for getting gas from Shell and for when you shop.  Now when you see it’s a card, I should stress that it is not a credit card.  It is a loyalty card that is just the same as using your Kroger card or CVS card when you check out to receive the savings.  When you use your Fuel Rewards card, you’ll automatically save $0.03 per gallon without any further effort.  That’s right, there’s nothing special you have to do aside from the initial sign-up.

Now, here’s where you’ll find the additional savings.  You can link any Mastercard branded card in your wallet (debit/credit) to your account.  You can actually link up 4 cards. Your Shell Fuel Rewards account will keep up with your spending and reward you with $$ per gallon when you buy certain things or shop at certain stores.  Each offer will tell you how much you can spend during the month to score $$ off each gallon.  Think of your Fuel Rewards account turning your plain ol’ credit card/debit card into a rewards card.  Why not get rewarded on the things you’re already buying?!

To further my savings, I also signed up for the Shell Saver Debit Card.  You can only use this at Shell and it debits straight from your bank account.  It’s no fuss and you automatically save $0.02 per gallon just for using it.  You just have to keep in mind that it does not show you the savings at the pump, but rather on your bank statement when it makes the deduction.

So, at the pump, I swipe my Shell Fuel Rewards Card to save at the very least $0.03 per gallon and then I pay with my Shell Saver Debit Card to save $0.02 per gallon.  That’ $0.05 per gallon every time I fill up if I make zero purchases that month.

Keep in mind that Shell has partnered with Kroger.  So now, when you receive 100 fuel points at Kroger, you don’t have to just go to Kroger to redeem them for the $0.10 discount.  You now have the option to redeem them at Shell for the same discount.

This was not a paid review.  I’m only sharing because we have reaped the benefits. We have been using this year to help with our gas expenses.  I have paired up mine and my husbands cards to gain all the savings we possibly can.  I also religiously use my Shell Saver Debit Card.  With our work commutes (30 miles each way for both of us) and seeing family who live out of state, this has been a great program for us!

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