Our Experience Building A Rome With Ryan Homes

I felt like sharing our journey with Ryan Homes because it seems like there are a few blogs that have shared about it, but haven’t shared every…single…piece.  When you’re making a decision such as this, I really feel like it’s important to see the good just as much as it is to see the bad.  So here, I will be sharing our journey in building our Rome in Greenville/Spartanburg SC area.  This is not a paid endorsement.  This is the facts as they come as sad or as great as they may be.  

As the journey progresses, check at the bottom of this post for links to the additional posts.

We recently had a job relocation with my husband that required us to pack up and move from Georgia to South Carolina.  Obviously, it wasn’t something as crazy as a cross-country move, but it has still been hectic nevertheless.  We had been in our house for 10 years.  My son was 3 months old when we moved in, my daughter was born there and that’s all we’ve known.  So when we had to put our house on the market and look for another house in another state, it was a total whirlwind.

We had isolated our search to around the Greenville, SC area. To be specific, we had picked a radius extending about 30 miles outside city center.  Back in Georgia, I lived 22 miles from my office.  That commute was an hour.  Here, 30 miles is 30 minutes.  So it was a vast improvement and I felt that it was a fair search.  After we picked the geographical area, we started looking at house prices.  While you might already be aware, I think it would be fair to say that no two housing markets are the same.  That was what I was finding difficult with this move.  I was looking at dollar amounts to what you got and comparing them to back in Georgia.  I’d find myself saying often, “Back in Georgia, you could get this same house for X.”  It took a lot of research and lot of reading so that I could bring myself up to speed and to understand what kind of pricing was reasonable and in line.  We hired a Realtor who was also able to educate me in regards to all the industry that has moved to this area in South Carolina.  A majority of these are international so they are constantly transplanting people in and out.  Thus, the increase in values.  That coupled with lack of inventory.  Obviously, the longer we stay here, the more we’ll reap that benefit but for the sake of the search, I was finding it frustrating.

ryan homes rome

In our search, we found a community that Ryan Homes was in.  We had seen the Rome floor plan online and thought it would be a great fit for our family.  So we wanted to go out to see the lay of the land.  What you should know is that were coming from a house without an HOA with almost an acre of land.  So when we got there, we learned quickly that this was going to be the complete opposite.  We were greeted by what has ended up being a superb site agent, Rhonda.  She showed us the model house which was the Rome floor plan and it was absolutely gorgeous.  We were able to discuss the neighborhood, the different floor plans, and and the available lots in the neighborhood.  We also learned that every house is built to fit your style.  When I say that, it’s important to understand that Ryan Homes is a production builder and not a custom builder.  That means that you can’t change the essential footprint, but you can change features like the outside elevation (colors, style), colors of your cabinets, type of flooring, security features ect.  So while that was pretty cool, we weren’t sure if we were totally sold on waiting on a build.  We checked out the lots, and the largest lot they had that we would even consider (.44 ac) wouldn’t be ready until October.  Eeesh.  That meant we’d be considering a rental in the meantime.

ryan homes rome

After some discussion, research on the schools, and the consideration that my husband’s office was only 15 minutes away (I currently work from home), we decided we’d go ahead.  While the start date wasn’t until October, that would give us time to get our current house sold, get familiar with the area and get a house that would have every item we wanted.  We’re pretty handy folks and had done a lot of improvements to our existing house.  We were kind of happy knowing we wouldn’t have to buy a fixer-upper to have everything we wanted.

Check in for the next post where I discuss the next steps in designing your home.

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