Our Pre-Construction Meeting With Ryan Homes

So today we had our pre-construction meeting.  This is the first time that you get to meet with your Project Manager.  This is also where your Site Agent steps back and your number one point of contact becomes the Project Manager.

Our Project Manager is Whit and he seems to be a pretty cool dude.  We went back through all the selections that we made at our design meetings to confirm our picks were indeed what he had.  We then went through the blueprints to see where every little thing is going.  I’m talking every. little. thing.  He even went through and spelled out what kind of materials were being used where and the type of building structures like the type of studs and whatnot.  I can’t really elaborate on that because a lot of that was over my head, but that’s why I had my husband.  He seemed happy with what he was saying so I ran with that.

Whit even took the time to circle over some changes that we had requested.  One of which was where we were turning a closet with a door in the very small mudroom to an open up area for lockers.  He asked us what we were going after in that space and after discussing it, he presented a great idea that would make it even better.  He even got as detailed as to ask us how we wanted the can lighting above the island to go.  At first I was like “uh….above it?” and he explained it might be better since we have that curved island for the can lighting to follow that curve.  Genius!  I never would’ve thought of that.

After we all confirmed we were on the same page, he took us out to our lot where they already had the house’s footprint staked out.  It was insanely helpful to see exactly what kind of space it was going to take up.  I will advise this though, you run out of space on your lot in a hurry.  Especially if you’re moving up in size from your previous house.  I’m not good with picturing size in my head. So when I saw it, I was like….woah.  It’s helpful though.  You can already be planning how you want things to go in your yard.

After this meeting, you just wait for construction to begin.  Right now we’re waiting for Septemeber 21st!

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