Summer Infant SuperSeat Review

When Miss Ryleigh started trying to sit up just shy of one month old I knew we were in trouble! She was already a handful, what were we going to do when she was trying to get out of her bouncy seat?! While you may be in disbelief I promise she was! You can check out the video below to see what I’m talking about! I do apologize for the quality, it was a spur of the moment video to prove to my family I wasn’t crazy!
I’m oober happy I got a chance to review the super cute Summer Infant SuperSeat. It couldn’t have come at a better time! Miss Ryleigh was raring to use it!

I love how the SuperSeat grows with your child as they’re ready to try new things! That’s right, it’s ready to serve your baby in three different stages!

Stage 1: Support seat helps your baby learn to sit up

Stage 2: Add the 360-degree rotating tray, removable snack tray and 5 playful toys for hours of fun while perfecting sitting up!

Stage 3: Use the booster seat for big kid table eating!

A foam insert comes with the seat to help with growing kids and all stages come with the 3-point harness so you can rest assured your child is safe.

(the girl has got some craaaazy hair! )

Miss Ryleigh is nine weeks old now and she hasn’t given up the urge to try and sit up. At our two month doctor’s visit I discussed with her doctor about her sitting up. While I caught the doctor by surprised she said it was great and it was okay to encourage. Having that said, Miss Ryleigh loves to try and sit up. She gets quite fussy if she can’t see everything. So every day after tummy time, it’s SuperSeat time!

As a mom I love how it’s 3 products in one! That makes for less gear you have to buy which leads to less gear you have around the house. It’s also small and easy to carry off to the grandparents.

Summer Infant’s SuperSeat definitely gets this mom’s seal of approval!

Get yours! You can find it Walmart for $39.54

I received a SuperSeat for review purposes.
Receipt of this did not sway my opinion

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