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At our house, the bathroom is probably the most social room in the house.  I’d like to say it’s a place that I could find quiet, but this is the one place the kids can find me at a standstill.  I know!  How sad is that?  Of course I know you know there’s no point locking the door, because we all know what would ensue.  Kids pounding, screaming, sticking fingers under the door.  What’s even worse, is that I know as you’re reading this you had a quick chuckle and thought “Yup, I know EXACTLY what she means.”


When we were potty training Mr. B, I played off this social problem.  Before we started, I took some vinyl and cut it out to a bullseye.  I then put it inside the toilet bowl on the back wall.  As you can guess, we made a target game out of potty training.   And yes, we did post a chalkboard to the wall to kept score.  Every time he wanted to go potty, it was a game.  Playing off of the grown-ups, he’d always close the door behind him.  So dad and I would stand outside the door, when he scored, we’d scream cheers and bang on the door.  Needless to say, he got trained pretty quickly.

Now that I’ve actually typed this out to share with ya’ll, I’ve realized that the screaming and pounding at the door while Mr. B was in there, never got to be annoying to him in the long term.  I may have actually encouraged the bathroom social-ness.  Ah well.  What can ya do?  There’s always tradeoffs in parenting and if it got Mr. B out of diapers, well then I guess it was worth it.  You just gotta be able to laugh at it.  However, I am making a mental note when it’s time for Miss Ryleigh.

As moms, we can relate and find the humor in these antics.  What’s even better is that Clorox has created a place for moms to visit to get their daily dose of comedy. It’s called The Clorox Lounge which is hosted by Sherri Shepherd. She’s a comedian, actress and a M-O-M. The Clorox Lounge features hilarious anecdotes, fun contests, exciting give-a-ways, coupons and just the right amount of comic relief to help us moms keep our sanity.

There’s even more incentive to check out The Clorox Lounge.  Starting tomorrow (February 27, 2012) the Last Comic Sitting Competition and Sweepstakes will begin!  You could win $10,000!  Just visit to sign up and be automatically entered to win the top prize!

I know you have some funny stories to share.  Please feel to share in the comments below!

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