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We look forward to Christmas as it brings a happy time of year.  Celebrating the reason for the season and also enjoying extra time with our families.  Criminals also look forward to this time of year. With estimated holiday sales of $586.1 billion, criminals are looking for their piece of the pie. Lifelock wants you to be safe and to protect your identity while shopping Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday!  So read over the tips below.

Always shop from legit, well known websites.  If you find a website that has an outstanding deal on a gift you’re looking for, but you’ve never heard of it, search for some reviews of the store before purchasing.  Having that said, that goes back to my tip last month from the Donating Safely Online post. Make sure that when you’re checking out, you check that it is a secure checkout area. You will notice that the address bar will say “https” instead of just “http”. That ensures that you have a secure connection.

You need to be wary while shopping from your smart phone. In 2011, a 76% increase in malware targeted at Android devices was cited. This made Android smartphones the most targeted smartphone platform. Malware has also been reported via holiday themed applications and QR codes. Annnnd while we’re on the subject of phones, Do not give your info out over the phone. The chances of a store calling you to request your pin number or social security number is slim to none! If this happens, tell the caller that you will call back on the official number and speak to a representative to make sure it’s legit. If they are legit, they will completely understand.

Please make sure to stay safe while shopping this holiday season! As I’ve mentioned before, scammers do everything they can to look as legit as possible. Nothing is worse than having your money stolen. Even worse, at the holidays. So make sure to stay safe and know that LifeLock has got your back.

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