Week Eight Constructing Our Ryan Homes Rome

Here we are.  Today we are starting week eight.  I have to say, through this entire construction process, it seems that week seven was probably the most stressful.  I’m sure as we get closer to the end, there will be another week that will trump that, but for now, it’s been the previous week.

ryan homes rome elevation n

As you can see in the picture, we got the garage door installed.  That was pretty exciting.  It was nice to see the outside come a little further together.  That was the only thing to happen to the outside this week with the exception of getting the gas line installed.

Inside was where all the work was taking place. Drywall Drywall Drywall.  It’s a pretty lengthy and messy process.  Believe me, after having to do some in our old house, I get it.  I do not envy the people who do it.  Having that said, I also feel that if you take that on as a job, you should do it right.  Y’all.  As a person with very good work ethic, it blew my mind what I was seeing.  I’m not even sure how many pictures I had to send my PM.  Here….let me show you some.

This was suppose to be a solid wall in the garage. They taped over broken drywall and thought it'd be good to go.
This was suppose to be a solid wall in the garage. They taped over broken drywall and thought it’d be good to go.


ryan homes drywall
I kept finding these bulges (all over the house) that were similar to “goose egg” hard knots like when you bump your head. Turns out, they were just drywalling over the hardened glue without concern if it would lay flat or not. This picture is where the tile backsplash will go. Tell me how that would work?

While that wasn’t all of it, it gives you an idea of what I was dealing with.  The PM came out and cut out the holes for them to come back and patch, but not before they came in an did the first coat of paint.  Y’all.  I just can’t wrap my head around the laziness.  This picture I’m about to show you…..understand that there is no plastic liner covering that glass.

ryan homes paint

Yes.  That is dry paint all on the glass.

I stood there for a good minute staring at it like I was trying to figure out what feelings the artist was manifesting while my husband just rubbed his hand over it, shrugged and said “welp….they’re going to be cleaning that.”

Who does that and thinks it’s an acceptable way of getting the job done?!  There’s no words folks…..no words.

But hey, we have the first coat of paint, right?  There’s that.

ryan homes paint

Oh…and hey.  We got the slate and surround on the fireplace.  So there’s that too.

ryan homes fireplace

Now, in addition to the drywall “drama”, another issue came to light while my husband and I were watching a movie late Saturday night.  I was multitasking and looking at design ideas when I came across another Ryan Homes kitchen.  I came across this picture

ryan homes island
picture from Ryan Homes

Then I thought back to my kitchen:

ryan homes island

And then it hit me.  My island is suppose to look like the model’s which was just cabinets.

ryan homes island

I looked at my husband in the middle of the movie and yelled “Oh my God!  They’re building the wrong island!”  He’s looking at me puzzled and is like “What the heck are you talking about?”  I showed him the picture, and then my picture of what we have so far.  Then he says, “Welp. They’re going to fix it before we sign off on it.” (are you noticing a theme with him?)

So at 10:30pm on Saturday I’m emailing the PM and the site agent all frantic.  Then I get the response from our PM essentially saying that because our island isn’t a standard option (the other one is) that they build it out as the standard, but the cabinet company knows and he knows what island I’m suppose to have and that it will come out right.  Soooo….he’s telling me that they waste the time and material to build out the support of the standard island just to tear it down to put in cabinets?  Riiiiiiiight.  I’m not buying it, but at least he took the time at 11pm on a Saturday to follow up.

After this week, the only thing I can tell you is that if you build or are thinking about building, please please please make sure you are watching every little thing and are on top of it because if you don’t, I can promise you….you will not be happy.

I don’t want this post to be all negative, so I will say that we are making progress.  Hopefully week eight will go a little smoother.

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