Week Five Constructing Our Ryan Homes Rome

Upon first inspection, you’d think nothing happened this week.  Not much has happened to the outside except we got shingles on the roof.  Really though, all the magic happened inside to get us to the start of week 5 today.

ryan homes rome elevation n

So this past week, we got the roof, the electrical work, the duct work, the shower pan and bath tub, and plumbing installed.  I thought that was pretty good progress.  We had our inspector come out and do his framing inspection to which he found some issues.  For the most part those issues were to straighten out doorways and a couple of studs.  There was also a plumbing pipe that wasn’t secured under the house in the crawl space.  I presented all of these to my PM with no problem to get corrected.

rome ryan homes week 4

I was happy to see that our closet transformation turned out better than what I was promised.  I may have mentioned it before, but there is a closet in the small mudroom that the Rome has.  We requested that the front be totally removed from that closet so we could put lockers there.  Unfortunately, the air return is right above the closet.  So when we made our original request, we had to explain what our plans were for that space so the PM could understand what we were trying to achieve.  Once we discussed it, he said they couldn’t remove the entire front, but they could widen where the door would be and just drywall wrap it because of the return.  I was kind of bummed, but it was still good for me and we proceeded with it.  When I checked out the framing, I was stoked to see that the entire front under the air return was gone! I will say though, it still blows my mind I had to pay $125 for there to be less materials.  Keep that in mind when you want to make changes.  They allow small changes, but there’s a $125 “non-standard” fee when you do them.  The $125 was worth it to me not to have to hassle my husband to do it for us.

rome mudroom closet lockers

We did have our first snafu though.  I stopped by one morning to check on things, and once I walked into the morning room, I saw this:

broken window

I’m sure you can guess the three letters with an ! that ran through my mind when I saw it.  I immediately emailed our PM with the photo and asked what happened.  Turns out, one of the roofers banged it with his ladder.  It’s just one of those things you have to shrug at and say “eh…stuff happens.”  Well…you say that after you know it’s going to be fixed at no cost to you.

I felt like it was a pretty progressive week.  We have our pre-drywall meeting this Friday so I’ll include what happens there in my next update.

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