Week Four Constructing Our Ryan Homes Rome

Well here we are!   Today starts week four of construction.  Week four, y’all!  Can you believe how much has happened in that short of time?!  21 days of actual construction and we’re here.

ryan homes rome elevation n

Upon my inspection today, I’ve found that we have most of, if not all of the framing done, all of the windows installed, gable accents installed, and roof paper put down.  When I put it into words, it almost doesn’t seem like that much, but as a visual it looks like we shouldn’t be too much longer!

I’m adding in a few inside shots.  Sorry if they’re a tad blurry….I’m not the most stable shot.

ryan kitchen construction

This is the kitchen with the beginnings of the island.  I’m standing in the living room.

ryan rome morning room construction

This is the morning room.  They still have to install the faux french door.  Don’t worry, a real french door will be installed after we move in.

ryan rome master sitting area

This is a view of the master bedroom with the sitting area.  There’s a closet there beside the sitting area. I’m standing in the doorway of the master bathroom.

After speaking with our PM, I found out that the house will be ready for my home inspector to come in and inspect all of the framing prior to the trades coming in to install insulation, plumbing, duct work, and electrical on Thursday.  Next Thursday will be our pre-drywall meeting.  I’m so excited because as we all know, once drywall comes in, it starts to get supa serious.

Until next week!

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