Week Nine Constructing Our Ryan Homes Rome

So here we are!  Today starts week nine!  Let’s look back at what went on during week eight.

As you may remember, there was some discrepancy regarding the island in the kitchen.  You’ll be happy to know, that I found this in my formal living room today:

removed island

The wrong island support was removed and this was put in:

ryan homes espresso cabinets

Woot! Woot!  We’ve got cabinets, people!  I was so excited to walk in and see this.  As I mentioned before, this island is not standard.  It use to be, but isn’t anymore.  So, if you like this island you need to request the “05 island”.  I believe the standard, which I showed in my previous post, is called the “06 island”.  I spoke to one of the neighbors who has the 06 and they complain of the banisters wiggling after time.  That’s something to consider.  What attracted me to this island was the counter space as well as the cabinet space.  There’s eight doors (I forgot to count the drawers) on the island – three on the left side and five on the right (if you’re looking at the picture).

Aside from installing cabinets, we had our stair banisters installed and also our interior doors and door knobs.  To save money, we opted for the wood stair spindles and will upgrade to the iron by doing it ourselves.  We also went with the standard brushed nickel fixtures.  At the time, we were not made aware that you could upgrade to the oil rubbed bronze.  It wasn’t a biggie though.  It was more money saved and if I want to change them out, I can.

ryan homes

You’ll also notice that we got the floor molding, crown molding, chair molding in the dining room, and all the painting is done.  They do not do custom paint.  Everyone gets the standard white.

ryan homes formal dining room

Another cost savings route we took was to put vinyl flooring in the kids’ bathroom and our laundry room.  We didn’t feel like those two areas needed anything super fancy, but should that change in the future, the vinyl won’t be hard to pull up.  They got that put down this week as well.

vinyl flooring ryan homes

You’ll notice the dirty cabinet in that second picture.  We also got our vanities for the bathroom.  The kids’ bathroom there is still looking like a work in progress, but the master bathroom has them installed.

master bathroom vanity


So all in all, it was a progressive week.

I had the PM send me the schedule for the remainder of the build and it looks like week nine holds even more “beautification”.  According to the schedule, the house should be done by December 2nd so that the PM can do the quality assurance walk-through and fix any problems before they have the third-party come in to walk-through.

Ryan Homes uses a third party “audit” company to walk through your home from the eyes of a consumer to make sure everything is top notch from cosmetic issues to mechanical issues.  So any visibly noticeable cosmetic mistakes or mechanical issues get noted.  The house receives a grade and that grade falls back on the PM.  I’m not exactly sure what grade is considered passing, but my PM told me that he’s never made a 100%.  I told him that was going to change with my nagging eye.  While I know I’ve aggravated the crap out of him with all the issues he’s had to fix, I know he appreciates it, because he asked me to attend that walk through to help find any of the issues so that we can achieve that 100%.  It’s win-win.  He gets his bonus and I get a house that’s put together correctly.

Until next week!

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