Week Seven Constructing Our Ryan Homes Rome

We’re starting week seven today?! Whaaaaa??

Imma tell you, it has gone by quick, but the remainder seems so far away.  Right now, I’m being told we’re doing a final walk-through around December 15th and closing around December 19th.  We want so badly to be out of this apartment, but setting up Christmas has me a little overwhelmed.  I’m still trying to figure that aspect out.

So, over the course of week 6, a lot got done.  Insulation was installed, drywall was started, and we even got our wood items built including the back deck, garage steps and crawl space door.

Y’all.  The deck.  I love the deck.  While it is basic, it’s huge!  It’s 21’x10′ and it looks great!  During the pre-construction meeting, they asked us where we wanted to have the stairs.  I wanted them towards the middle while my husband wanted them close to the door.  Obviously, he won that argument but now seeing it in person, I think it was a good choice.  Maybe that outdoor fireplace I’ve been wanting would go well in the middle there.  Now, I’ve just got to figure out what color I want to stain it.

ryan homes back deck

The garage stairs gave me pause.  Being on a slab in our previous house, we didn’t have stairs.  So when I saw these, I was like “Whoa!”  Those are some pretty serious stairs.  Like, really heavy duty.  They look very well constructed but I’m wondering if it’s too bulky.  That may or may not be something that will change later.  I’m going to have to marinate on that one.  I do know though, that they will be painted or stained to be much cuter.

ryan homes garage steps

The crawl space door is cute.  A part of me wants to paint it but then there’s the more realistic part of me that says I need to stain it.  I may paint the hardware though.  Course I know there’s some of you who are making a face asking “Seriously?  It’s a crawl space door…”

ryan homes crawl space door

Now on to the drywall.  It’s funny.  You think your house looks really open when you’re able to see through the entire house through the empty studs.  I’m telling you though, after I did a walk through with all of the drywall installed, it seemed so much bigger!  Of course, it’s also helpful since you see those exact defined spaces, but I really couldn’t believe it.  In case you’re interested, they used drywall that was 1/2″ thick which is pretty standard.

Now, you may remember from my last post where I discussed potential nail pops around the stair area down the road.  My husband had discussed this issue with one of our friends who used to be a drywall foreman.  He said that if you glue the wall to the stud in addition to screwing it, it would give more reinforcement to avoid the issue.  I took that idea to our PM who in turn had to ask his boss.  He came back and said that they wouldn’t do that.  Surprised I asked “Why not?  You have to glue the drywall to the ceiling?”  His response: “We don’t glue the ceiling….”  I was a little perplexed by that, but apparently they’re only using screws in the ceiling.  So I guess that’s something else to keep an eye on down the road.  The good thing is, that the temperatures here have been in the 75-81 degree range so we aren’t having the drastic hot to cold from heaters being used that causes those issues in houses built during this time of year.  So at least we have that working for us right now.

Here are some pictures of them working on the drywall that I took yesterday.  They were putting spackle on the taped joints so I’m sure today they’ll be sanding and putting on that first coat of paint soon.  I’d imagine by Friday they should be done with this step.

ryan homes rome morning room
View of the Morning Room


ryan homes rome dining room
View of stairs from formal dining room


ryan homes rome family room
View of the Family Room – Not sure about that bulge next to the fireplace. I’ll have to go back and check that it was corrected.


ryan homes rome master bedroom
A peak of the master bedroom – I didn’t want to get in the way.


ryan homes rome loft
A view of the loft from bedroom to bedroom


ryan homes rome garage

Now, there is something to keep in mind about the garage.  What you see here is what you get as the final product.  They don’t paint here.  I don’t think that’s something that’s crazy and off the wall since it is a utility area but I also know in our old home it was painted.  So I felt like it was something for you to keep in mind.

What do we have to look forward to for next week?  Well, there will be the finishing up of the drywall.  I know that for certain.  Based off the Ryan Homes timeline they provide on their website, it looks like tile and vinyl flooring is next.  We only have tile in the master bedroom and vinyl in the kid’s bathroom and laundry room so I can’t imagine that taking up a whole lot of time.  After that, trim starts which includes doors, cabinets and molding.  I actually asked my PM if he’d send me a screenshot of his schedule for the house all the way up to the end so once I get that I should be able to foreshadow a bit better.

Until next week……

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