Week Six Constructing Our Ryan Homes Rome

OOH WEE!  Look at that pretty thang!  I’m excited to be starting week six today!

ryan home rome elevation n

We had our pre-drywall meeting back on Friday and it was very underwhelming.  I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting so I guess there’s that.  During our pre-drywall meeting we walked through the house and our PM showed us where all of outlets (power, data, cable) were going to be and which ones were wired to the switches.  There was also the overview on how our security system would work as well as the smoke/carbon dioxide detectors.  He also explained to us how the HVAC system would work since we have two different thermostats (one on the first floor and one on the second).  Coming from a one story house, we had a lot of questions on that and also on the staircase.

We’ve befriended our neighbors.  That’s probably because I might as well already be the literal neighbor since I’m down there every day.  The good thing is, that they have a Rome as well and they’ve walked us through their house (9 months old) and shown us all the short comings to keep an eye out for.  Unfortunately, they didn’t use a home inspector during the build process, so we’ve already caught several items they’re having a hard time with.  While Ryan Homes does provide a warranty and does come out at the 1 year point to repair things like nail pops, a lot of it made me concerned because some of the wear makes the house look older than it is.  For example, they have excessive nail popping and cracking in the molding around their staircase.  Is this major?  No.  It’s more cosmetic, but if there is a way for me to avoid it, I’d like to go that route.  So I presented this to my PM so to see if there was something we could do.  He explained to me that the staircase is a flex point so some of that cracking in the molding was to be expected.  As for the nail pops there, he also explained to me that for the houses that are built in the cold, he has to bring in heaters for the crew.  So the changes between the hot and the cold cause the material to contract and therefore you get the nail pops.  Considering that the neighbors moved in, in January that explanation makes sense.  We’re suppose to move in, in December so it sounds like this may be a potential issue.  So that was essentially the drywall meeting. Just to see where things are that would be behind drywall and to answer any questions we had.

Now today, today got me a little excited.  When I stopped by today, I saw that we had siding completed.  On the front, where there isn’t siding….that’s going to be brick.  I was so scared about our choices.  I don’t do well with just seeing swatches.  Of course, Google didn’t really help either.  Online, the Silver Mist looked so much brighter and so much more cream.  People even said it was more cream.  Cream wasn’t what I wanted.  I wanted a light gray and a darker gray.  I really wish there was a catalog or even a website where you can see the different color combinations.

ryan home rome exterior selections

When I got there today, I felt a smile creep up on my face.  It’s actually really cute!  I love the style, the craftsman shutters and even the colors.  The main siding is Silver Mist and the shaker siding is Flint.  The shutters are navy and eventually the door will be too.  Inside there wasn’t much change but having some of the insulation installed and the drywall sitting on the floor waiting on the insulation to get done.

They’ve set our final walk through at this point to be about December 15th with closing on December 21st.  I just don’t see how we can take that long, but what do I know?  Our PM has told us that’s not set in stone, so I’m obviously wanting it to be sooner.

Next week will be starting week 7 and I cannot wait!

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