Week Three Constructing Our Ryan Homes Rome

So today starts week three.  We have two solid weeks of construction behind us.  Let’s run down what has transpired since my last post on Wednesday.

ryan homes garage slab

At some point between Wednesday and Friday, they came in and dropped off the wood as promised and they also poured the concrete floor in the garage.  It’s so funny how something so small can give you so much satisfaction.  First, I loved how it gave me a better idea on the garage set up and two, it’s one more step closer to being done!

Also at this point, we had our home inspector come back out (he originally came out to inspect the footings as part of the foundation process).  Yes.  You can get certain home inspectors to come out and inspect each step of the build process.  I HIGHLY suggest you do this.  You need to make sure your house is built right from the get-go rather than to find problems later and go through hell and back to get them repaired.  It’s easier to find the problem as it happens and it is easier to get it fixed before you have 50 more layers of the house on top of it to get through.  Yes, it is an additional expense, but most inspectors just have you pay for each step so it’s not a lot of money upfront.  Not only that, but it’s additional piece of mind to your investment.

The next step in the process is to start framing.  From what I’ve been told, the construction schedule updates come out on Tuesdays so I believe that’s when new processes (i.e. new subcontractors) start.  My assumption served to be pretty true as the weekend-Monday was quiet.  The magic didn’t start till yesterday (Tuesday).

ryan homes rome framing

Yes.  All of that wood happened in one day.  I couldn’t believe it.  I will say though, those huge stacks of wood you see behind the house are prefabbed panels.  It helps speed up the process.  Even with that said though, I still thought it was pretty impressive.

ryan homes rome framing

It’s helpful but also not so helpful that we’re only staying about 5 minutes away.  One might say I’ve gotten a bit obsessive, but I wouldn’t call it that.  I’m more fascinated with the process and that’s just motivated by excitement.  I’ll usually stop by after I pick the kids up from school so they can see it step by step as well.  I mean, we all know how houses are built, but how many can say they’ve seen their’s built from the ground up?

After seeing many houses in the neighborhood at the framing point, I believe this week is going to get a lot done.  I’m hoping so anyway. Our neighbor next door is about a week ahead of us so it’s interesting to see what they’re getting done.

I think next week we may be having our pre-drywall meeting.  Stay tuned for the next update!


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