Week Two Constructing Our Ryan Homes Rome

So here we are at week two!  I have to say I was pretty excited to see the progress!

ryan homes rome crawlspace

It is so nice to actually have a visual now of the footprint.  I am absolutely terrible with one dimensional measurements and apparently I was just as terrible with stakes of the house outline. So now, I have a better idea of how our yard is going to look!

The picture at the top of this post is from today.  Today was officially the end of week one.  I wasn’t 100% sure if I was going to make it out today, so I stopped by yesterday.  That’s the picture below.  See that water?  We’re in a drought here.  Just so happens, once we broke ground, we started getting afternoon showers.  I joked and said maybe we could’ve avoided the drought had they been able to start our house sooner.  All kidding aside, my engineering consultant (a.k.a my dad) advises me that the drought works in our favor to keep the ground hard and that those afternoon showers wouldn’t hurt things much.  I guess he was right.  Look at the progress in just one day.

ryan homes rome crawlspace

I did receive an email from our PM today letting me know that our foundation was officially finished, that they would be dropping lumber this Friday (2 days from now) and that they would start framing next week. According to the building timeline Ryan Homes has on their site , it looks like we’re about two weeks ahead of schedule.  Week 1 should be the footing and Weeks 2 -3 should be foundation.  We start week 2 tomorrow and lumber is being dropped off Friday.  Framing is suppose to be Weeks 4-5.   I can only hope we keep the pace.  The schedule has us wrapping up in December.  If we could get in with just enough time before Christmas, I’d be a happy camper.

As I mentioned above, next week will be framing so I will post an update then!


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